Engine and Prop

The thrust-producing combo we chose for the Super Breezy is an IO-360-C1A engine that produces 200HP coupled to a Warp Drive 5-blade composite propeller. Keep in mind that this setup is not mandatory for all Super Breezies. The frame can be easily adapted to accept a variety of engines including your own.

6 thoughts on “Engine and Prop

  1. Mike Butterfield

    That is an air cleaner bought from Burrows Tractor and Implement in Yakima WA. Way more capacity than we need but it fits the injection throttle body…

  2. Clinton

    Man o Man! Ya’ll have done some amazing things with the Breezy concept! Nice! I want one!

  3. Ed Larkin

    Does the Super Breezy with the Lycoming 360 meet light sport criteria?
    What is the approximate cost of the aircraft with my 360 engine used?

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