Landing Gear

Airframes Alaska 3-inch extended gear.

Alaska Bushwheel tires.

3 thoughts on “Landing Gear

  1. Don Lee

    Very interested in your projects down there.
    I am up here in Talkeetna Alaska and could pick up a project down there and spend the time to finish it in state.
    Mid November would be the time available. could bring Lycoming 320 150 with me.
    If you guys have any half projects or what ever please keep me in the loop.
    All the best

  2. tom Sullivan

    very interested need cost ? and info . I have owned 7 diferent super cubs and lived in Alaska the last 25 years , but am relocating back in Idaho I am 72 year old, a former ag pilot(18 years) bush pilot (25 years) now I just want to fly for fun

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